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Cat of The Month!

Will your cat be a Winner?

Vote for the cutest cat! Get your cat's picture in
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All Members , Moderated
Members submit their cat pictures to compete in the monthly competition. There will be a different "theme" each moth, so look for the post that says what the month's theme is. The winner for each month will be featured at the end of the year in a community calendar that will be produced and available for sale. At the end of the year members will vote for cat of the year. The winner will be featured inside and on the cover. Portions of the profits will be donated to shelters and/or rescue groups of cat of the year's choice.


1. All submissions must be titled as follows (example): "June 2006 Submission" (depending on the month of course)

2. Use an LJ cut for larger photos. Submission photos don't have to be high res, but be sure you have a high res copy of the photo available

3. Please TAG your submission as follows (example): "June 2006" This will make it easier for me to find all submissions

4. Submissions for cat of the month contest must be made by the 15th of each month. If submitted later, your entry will appear the following month. (PLEASE NOTE: This rule may be amended to meet schedule needs)

5. Have FUN!! :)</b>

**PLEASE NOTE: This community is under construction and new moderatorship. No contests are being held at this time, please check back for updates. I will have this community up and running again soon. Please contact me (lady_ronin) with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. Thank you for your patience!***

Whats against the rules:
-Promoting for communities that are not cat related
-Asking for donations of any kind
-Spamming the board
-Mean comments or entries/flaming